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KUMHO KU22 TYRE 23550R17
A popular, good value performance tyre that provides great handling in wet and dry conditions, that’s long lasting and generates low noise.

CONTINENTAL ContiSportContact 5 TYRE 23550R17
A premium, high performance tyre with outstanding handling and control, made for high-performance and luxury vehicles.

KUMHO KL21 TYRE 23550R19
A good value, environmentally friendly SUV tyre with great ride comfort. Recommended for vehicles that require good grip, handling, safety and comfort. Comes with a 50,000km mileage guarantee when purchased with a wheel alignment.

KUMHO KL33 TYRE 23550R19
A popular, good value highway tyre for SUVs that offers great comfort and optimum handling on-road. Comes with a 50,000km mileage guarantee when purchased with a wheel alignment.

A great value, premium touring tyre designed to provide city and compact cars good control in both dry and wet conditions ensuring a comfortable driving experience.

CONTINENTAL ContiSportContact 3 TYRE 23550R17
A premium performance tyre that provides superb braking performance for high performance vehicles.

CONTINENTAL MaxContact MC6 TYRE 23550R18
A premium touring tyre that provides drivers with the combination of good mileage and low noise for everyday driving.

CONTINENTAL ContiCrossContact UHP TYRE 23550R19
A premium highway performance tyre that delivers the highest levels of stability, control and responsiveness for todays powerful SUVs.

CONTINENTAL ContiSportContact 5 SUV TYRE 23550R19
A premium performance tyre with outstanding handling and control, that is made for high-performance vehicles and SUVs.

Pirelli P Zero Asimmetrico is the rear axle option in the P Zero System, the tyre solution conceived for the most prestigious sportive and luxury cars.

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