Problem solving tips

All car owners will find themselves in tricky situations from time to time. Whether it’s a flat battery or a flat tyre, we’re here to help get you through it with our problem-solving tips and resources.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new driver or a seasoned road user needing a refresh - our step-by-step articles will help you get yourself out of trouble next time your car or tyres fail.

Jump start

How to jumpstart your car

Left your headlights on overnight by accident? Or simply can’t figure out why your car was totally fine yesterday and not starting today? Chances are you’ve got a flat battery. We’ll take you through the steps to jumpstart your car the safe way.

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How to change a tyre

How to change a flat tyre

Learn how to prepare for and change a flat tyre in this detailed article for tyre-changing newbies. Roadside assistance and mobile phones aren’t always around to save us, so we highly recommend brushing up on your skills!

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