A list of frequently asked questions about our Store account card are below. If your question isn't answered here, please feel free to call the Fleet team on (02) 9680 6500 or ask in-store.

  • Can my business have 1 card for a number of vehicles?
    Yes - you can control your account with one card. This card can be given to the driver when required, as the card is required in store to process the transaction. We recommend PIN protection for this card.
  • I have a number of vehicles in different states. Would a card be issued to each driver?
    Yes - you can request to have a card per vehicle and driver.
  • Will I receive multiple statements for each card or are they all linked to the one account?
    They will all be linked to the one account. The statement will show the usage and spend per card for reconciliation purposes. Drivers will continue to receive individual invoices at the time of the transaction.
  • How long will it take to get my card? 
    New applications will take approximatley 8-10 working days to be deliverd while replacement cards will normally take approximatley 5 working days.
  • Are there any establishment/card fees?
    There are no establishment or card fees.
  • Are there any other fees i.e. late payment fees?
    Other fees may be incurred, please refer to the Fee schedule in the standard terms and conditions.
  • My driver has forgotten his PIN number and he is in store waiting to pay for a service - what do I do?
    PIN numbers can be changed via your online account. Log into your account. Alternatively you can contact 1300 366 109, and our customer service team will be able to fix this for you. Please note - PIN numbers are an option, and can be removed if not required.
  • I have another car that I require a new card for. How do I apply for this?
    This can be done via your online account, Log into your account. Requests received before 3pm Eastern time wil be processed that day and the card mailed the following day.
  • One of my drivers has lost his card, how do I apply for a replacement?
    This can be done via your online account. Log into your account. Requests received before 3pm Eastern time wil be processed that day and the card mailed the following day.
  • My card did not process when entered into the EFT system. Why would this be?
    There could be a number of reasons why the card did not process.If either of the reasons below occur, then an alternate method of payment must be provided.
    • The card has reached its credit limit
    • The incorrect PIN was entered
    • The card is damaged
  • What if I do not have the card on me when I go into get a service/tyres changed?
    An alternative method of payment will be required, the KTAS Store Account Card must be present in store to be processed. Our Online Payment Portal, www.ktas.com.au/payments/, allows you to pay by credit card in this situation.
  • Can the card be used other than in the Kmart Tyre & Auto Service network?
    The card is restricted for use within KTAS stores.
  • How long will it take to process my application? 
    Fully completed application forms are typically approved within 3 days. If there is data missing or we need further information we will discuss this with you so you know the status.
  • I have an existing fuel card, can this be used?
    We accept Motorpass, Motorcharge, Caltex StarFleet & StarFleet Plus and Fleet Card cards; please refer to your issuer for any product restrictions that may apply.


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