Kmart Tyre & Auto Service - committed to recycling used tyres

Kmart Tyre & Auto Service provides customers with not only the surety of its work, but also a guarantee of managing tyre disposal correctly. This is because it proudly recycles 100% of used tyres, an industry-leading practice it’s had in place for over five years. This is done in partnership with Tyrecycle who are contracted to recycle 100% of the old tyres that are removed from customers cars when they have new tyres fitted at Kmart Tyre & Auto Service.

car-servicing-tile-v4 What are recycled tyres used for?

Recycled tyres are put to a number of great uses. For example, they are used to make new automotive and industrial products like asbestos-free brake pads and building insulation.

Recycled tyres are also a popular choice for use in sport and recreation. Recycled rubber granules are mixed with polyurethane and then painted to produce running surfaces. The use of recycled rubber assists with impact absorption, increased performance and injury reduction. They are also used as an asphalt additive when making roads.

The damage done by dumping tyres

Dumped tyres are expensive to move, can harbour disease-carrying mosquitoes and are a fire hazard, meaning they can be quite detrimental to our health. Tyres are combustible. Once ignited, they are difficult to extinguish — producing chemical toxins that affect humans, flora, fauna, waterways and the atmosphere.

Did you know that every waste tyre that is recycled:

  • Can recover 85% of the rubber used to make a new tyre
  • Can recover 95% of the steel used to make a new tyre; and
  • Can offset up to 60% of the Greenhouse Gases emitted while making new tyres.

Kmart Tyre & Auto Service is committed to continuing their commitment to recycling all the tyres that it disposes of because not only will it reduce the number of tyres sent to landfill, but it also creates a cleaner, healthier environment for our families, friends and new generations to come.

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