We repair all makes of car at competitive rates.

Kmart Tyre & Auto Service is the only place to go if you’re looking for excellence in vehicle servicing, repairs and maintenance. Your car will be looked after by qualified, experienced technicians and mechanics who use the best quality parts and provide nationwide guarantee on all workmanship performed.

Not only can we cater for more popular repairs such as servicing, brakes and tyre services, our mechanics can also perform maintenance and repairs for many of the other vehicle systems across a diverse range of vehicles and repair categories.

We only use quality brand name parts from reputable suppliers which are fit for purpose, to maintain these standards we do not accept customer supplied parts.

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Auto electrical

Your car’s auto electrical system controls almost every driving function. We have sophisticated scanning and diagnostic equipment to ensure it runs smoothly.

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Brake systems

Everyone understands the importance of well-maintained brakes; regular checks will help ensure your family’s driving safety.

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Clutch and automatic transmission

Whether you drive a manual or an automatic, it’s important to keep your car’s transmission running smoothly.

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Cooling and coolant

Cooling systems

Your car’s cooling system removes excess heat from the engine. Regular servicing is vital to ensure reliable performance and to avoid costly engine repairs.

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Exhaust systems

Your car’s exhaust system reduces engine noise and pollution, improves performance and fuel economy and expels poisonous gases. It’s important to ensure you keep your exhaust system in great condition as replacing it can be costly!

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Problem diagnosis tool

Is your car not running as it should? Answer a few questions on the symptoms you are experiencing, and our Problem Diagnosis tool will help you determine if there is a fault with your car.

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Suspension and shock absorbers

Ensuring your car’s suspension system is in good condition is not only important for safety but can also reduce maintenance and running costs.

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