Tyrelife Saver

Our Tyrelife Saver Program is another way that we give you a better service and a safer driving experience.

What is the Tyrelife Saver Program?

When you buy two or more tyres from Kmart Tyre & Auto Service (in one transaction), you’ll be eligible to receive the following services every 10,000km (up to 50,000km), or 6 months, whichever occurs first:

  • FREE 4 standard wheel balances
  • FREE Tyre rotation, performed if required
  • FREE Tyre air pressure check.

These free services help extend the life of your tyres and can be performed at any one of our stores nationwide.

What are the benefits of the program?

The program gives you access to a range of car maintenance benefits free of charge, such as:

  • Longer tyre life - Through regular rotation and wheel balancing every 10,000km's.
  • A smoother ride - Tyre balancing ensures tyres are weighted correctly to keep contact with the ground.
  • Reduced suspension wear - Balanced tyres keep your suspension in tiptop condition.
  • Improved fuel economy - Your car will have less rolling resistance and therefore greater fuel economy.
  • Reduced driver fatigue - With easier car control and less wheel vibration.

For additional information about tyre and wheel safety, visit our tips and advice page.

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