Our mileage guarantee has been designed to meet the needs of modern day passenger and SUV vehicles, increasing the life of the tyre.

Goodyear Optilife tyres features special tread compounds and equalised pressure distribution across the tyre footprint, providing more even tread wear and extended mileage which provides you with precise steering, outstanding grip and reduced tyre wear. To ensure you are getting the most out of your tyres, Goodyear Optilife tyres come with 50,000km mileage guarantee.

Kumho Tyre’s world-renowned quality is a result of a strong commitment to advanced design technology and drive to innovate. Their products deliver optimum performance, quality and most importantly safety which are the part of the Kumho Tyre promise. To ensure that you are going the distance, Kumho Tyres KH27, KL33, KL21 are eligible for 50,000km mileage guarantee while the KL51 and HT51 are eligible for 80,000km mileage guarantee.