Goodyear Optilife Tredlife Guarantee

Tredlife guarantee symbolPurchase 2 or more Goodyear Optilife tyres and a wheel alignment in one transaction from Kmart Tyre & Auto Service and you automatically qualify for the Tredlife Guarantee. To maintain your Guarantee you must return your vehicle to any Kmart Tyre & Auto Service store every 10,000kms for up to 50,000km for a free “Tyrelife Saver” service which includes:

FREE 4 wheel balances
FREE Tyre rotation, performed if required
FREE Tyre air pressure check.

Should your new Goodyear Optilife tyres wear out before travelling 50,000kms we will provide you with a pro rata tread life credit towards the cost of new Goodyear Optilife or comparable replacement tyres.

To keep things simple and remove the need for you to keep your service paperwork and receipts we maintain the records of your TredLife Guarantee in our central database where both your original purchases as well as your free Tyrelife Saver service visits are recorded to permit reference in the unlikely event your tyres wear prematurely.

Your Goodyear Optilife Tredlife 50,000km guarantee is managed and administered by Kmart Tyre & Auto Service and is in addition to your statutory rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

What’s Covered by the Guarantee?

All Goodyear Optilife tyres sold and fitted in Australia by Kmart Tyre & Auto Service are guaranteed to provide a minimum of 50,000kms of serviceable tread wear life; “serviceable” means there is at least 1.6mm of even remaining tread.

All services incurred as a consequence of any claims including fitting, wheel balancing, valve stems and old tyre disposal will be provided by Kmart Tyre & Auto Service at no additional cost.

Additionally, your TredLife Guarantee is transferable, that means you have an added selling point should you decide to sell your vehicle sometime in the future. Just advise the purchaser to visit a Kmart Tyre & Auto store to update our records.

Your obligations

  1. Return your vehicle to any Kmart Tyre & Auto Service at 10,000km intervals up to 50,000kms to have a free “Tyrelife Saver” service performed.
  2. You must check your tyre pressures on a regular basis, at least monthly is recommended and set the pressure to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. If you are not sure how to perform this yourself, visit your closest Kmart Tyre & Auto Service and we will check your pressures on the spot and for free.
  3. Should one of your tyres become punctured this should be removed from the vehicle immediately and properly repaired in accordance with the Australian standard.  This can be carried out at any Kmart Tyre & Auto Service store. Failure to repair a punctured tyre promptly and in accordance with the Australian repair standard could void the Tredlife Guarantee.
  4. Any claim for a pro rata credit can only be made at a Kmart Tyre & Auto Service store.

What’s not covered?

The Goodyear Optilife TredLife Guarantee does not cover:

  1. Any other brand or pattern of tyre sold or fitted by Kmart Tyre & Auto Service.
  2. Single tyre purchases, Goodyear Optilife tyres must be purchased in units of 2 or more in one transaction.
  3. Goodyear Optilife Tyres fitted to a vehicle that has not been returned at 10,000 kilometre intervals for a free “Tyrelife Saver” Service.
  4. Premature wear or unserviceability due to but not limited to, road hazards e.g. cuts, punctures, bruises, impact fractures or use of snow chains, etc.
  5. Wear caused by but not limited to improper inflation, overloading, wheel imbalance, defective vehicle mechanical components e.g. steering components, shock absorbers, rims improper steering alignment, etc.
  6. Wear caused by but not limited to accident damage, racing, driving while punctured, vandalism, or abuse.
  7. Tyres transferred to another vehicle from the one upon which they were originally installed.
  8. Tyres that are not worn out. Tyres must be worn down to the tread wear indicators for a claim to be considered.
  9. Tyres older than 6 years from the date of purchase.
  10. Loss of time, inconvenience, or loss of vehicle use.
  11. Liability and losses of a consequential nature are limited to the extent permitted by law.

Guarantee pro rata calculation example

Your Goodyear Optilife 50,000km TredLife guarantee is based on your tyres achieving 50,000 km of usable wear before the tyre is determined to be worn out; which means the tyre has less than 1.6 mm of remaining tread.

If your tyre only delivers 45,000 km before being determined as worn out i.e. (1.6mm) of remaining tread,  we will provide a credit for 5,000 km towards the cost of a new Goodyear Optilife tyre or comparable tyre. The 5,000 km credit will be calculated based on the current retail or advertised selling price on the day. If for whatever reason a Goodyear Optilife tyre is not available, you will be provided with pro rata tread life credit towards the cost of an equivalent tyre of our choice.

In this example if the price of a new Goodyear Optilife tyre or comparable tyre was $119 we would provide a credit of $11.90 towards the purchase of a new tyre from Kmart Tyre & Auto Service including fitting, balancing, new tubeless valve and tyre disposal.

The calculation being

  1. 5,000km ÷ 50,000km = 10.00% of total guaranteed wearable tread
  2. $119 X 10.00% = $11.90
  3. Your new tyre would cost $107.10 being the sum of $119 - $11.90

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Would you like to make a claim?

A claim can be administered at any Kmart Tyre & Auto Service store nationally. You can also contact our Customer Service Centre on 1800 065 010.

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