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Team Member Testimonials

Team member testimonials

Do you want to understand what it’s like working at Kmart Tyre & Auto Service? Read team member testimonials here.

I enjoy the people in the business, it’s close to home, good remuneration package and I have a good crew.

Richard, Store Manager

I like the stability, it’s a good company to work for, not as stressful as the last company I worked for. The processes are in place with less paperwork.

Julian, Store Manager

Well the main reason is that it’s a good company to work for, one that I have never had an issue with. I’m coming up to my 10 years of working for the company and I can't say anything bad about it. I have a passion for cars and here we work on a variety of cars so it’s a good place to work. As a manager I'm dealing with customers, and I don't mind that side either.

Mina, Store Manager

I like that there is a future when you start at KTAS, as in career progression, and you’re not just going to be swinging spanners for the rest of your life. I start my apprenticeship with KTAS almost 10 years ago, and now I’m a Store Manager. The training I got was good, there are a lot of great mechanics in the stores.

Taylor, Store Manager

I like that there are clear procedures for everything and that if you follow these procedures you will never have an issue and everything will be done correctly. I also like the coaching that happens from Apprentice all the way through to SM and each level in-between - its sensational.

Wade, Store Manager

I really enjoy the ability to take ownership of our business as store managers and really try and make it your own business. I like working amongst a very large and well-known brand. As a store manager and as a person there are never ending opportunities to learn and grow.

Jason, Store Manager

I like the job security, I have a family and a mortgage I need to support, but it’s an enjoyable place to work. I have worked for a few other places, but the grass is definitely greener at KTAS.

Mark, Store Manager

I have found KTAS to be upfront and honest from my Operations Manager. Compared to where I previously worked, the pay is better, the equipment, tools and resources are better- I actually brought over about 5-6 guys with me and we all agree that KTAS is way better than where we previously worked.

Lachlan, Store Manager

It’s a good place to work and a change from where I previously worked, this place is much happier and more rewarding.

Michael, Workshop Controller

I enjoy the challenge, meeting goals and I like the fast past stores with working different teams. I really enjoy teaching apprentices what I know and there is lots of variety in the job.

Silvio, Workshop Controller

One of the best things about working for KTAS is having the support of a nationwide company behind you. Support within the workshop or personal support outside of work is always available if needed which is more than I can say about some smaller companies I have worked for.

Shannon, Workshop Controller

It’s a reliable company to work for, there’s a good team environment at our workshop and the pays good. I worked here for many years, I guess I love the place.

Adam, Workshop Controller

I have been part of the KTAS team for nearly 5 years and have enjoyed it. I did my apprenticeship with KTAS and have now progressed to a leading hand mechanic role. I enjoy the team atmosphere of KTAS and their focus on safety and training. The fast paced environment provides a healthy challenge and I like the bonus scheme for a job well done. I'd recommend KTAS to anyone looking for a great place to work with the peace of mind you will be looked after and have great job security.

Michael, Leading Hand Mechanic

KTAS is a good organisation, they look after me well, the facilities are great, the team members I work with are great, we all help each other out. KTAS is better than where I worked previously, and the managers are great, and it’s just a brilliant place to work.

Ryan, Mechanic

My job is close to home, I enjoy the people I work with and they are bubbly, it's so important because you spend a lot of time at work.

Chris, Mechanic

I am about 3 months off from finishing my apprenticeship, can't wait to be qualified. Tafe has been good, I have enjoyed the learnings. The facilities are great down here at the workshop, plus the store is getting a revamp, so that will be great when that’s finished too.

Daniel, 4th Year Apprentice

I enjoy working for KTAS because of the challenges, learning experiences and being part of a successful team.

Simon, 4th Year Apprentice

Team environment, being treated well, enjoy block TAFE so that gives more time in the work shop, I have passion for cars and KTAS seemed the best fit for me.

Keegan, 1st Year Apprentice

TI like the environment and everyone’s helpful. I would definitely recommend KTAS to my friends for them to start their apprenticeship, it’s great.

Jackson, 1st Year Apprentice

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